Family of 98-year-old WWII veteran holds a surprise ‘guard of honor’ for his birthday

Jan 3, 2019

When you are almost a century old, life can sometimes be a bit tough. For this WWII vet in Indiana, kind hearts and elbow grease just made his life that bit easier.

Christopher Conlee was proud of his grandad, who at 98 years of age was finding it rather difficult to access his home, as he now mostly had to use a wheelchair.

Posted by Christopher Sean Conlee on Saturday, April 7, 2018

So, Christopher and his family put out an SOS to the local community, and within a week an army of veterans turned up at grandpa’s house to remedy the problem.

They built a ramp for his wheelchair for his 98th birthday in mid-September, and soon it was ready for inspection by Grandpa.

Yep, the team had many hands making for light work, in fact, they even had one of Mr Conlee's sons directing traffic!

Posted by SAW's Ramps of St. Joseph County Indiana on Sunday, September 9, 2018

“Grandpa is one of the last remaining WWII vets in our area,” Christopher told InspireMore.

“He was just recently put in a wheelchair he has skin cancer and is currently on hospice,” Christopher wrote on Reddit. “He can still walk some with help but the ramp and wheelchair make things much easier.”

Just a few more railing sections to be added and then, another client served.

Posted by SAW's Ramps of St. Joseph County Indiana on Sunday, September 9, 2018

The group then held a guard of honor befitting the grand old man to allow him to try out the new ramp and inspect it.

Christopher’s son, an Eagle Scout, also donned his uniform to join in the proceedings.

Even though he is not well, Grandpa is sure to be feeling loved and cared for.

Showing respect to our elders, especially those who went to war to help keep us safe, is something we should all aspire to.

Watch the video below:

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